Exploring 10 Tuition-Free Nursing Schools Abroad

Exploring 10 Tuition-Free Nursing Schools Abroad

Are you dreaming of studying nursing abroad but worried about the hefty tuition fees? Don’t fret; there are opportunities to pursue your passion without breaking the bank. Let’s delve into 10 tuition-free nursing schools abroad that can turn your dreams into reality.

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Kalu Oyakhilome’s story serves as inspiration. She shifted her career path upon learning about the lucrative nursing salaries in Canada. However, the hurdle of tuition fees seemed daunting. Fortunately, there are avenues to navigate this challenge.

How to Study Nursing Abroad for Free:

a) Select Tuition-Free Countries: Consider nations like Norway and Germany, renowned for offering tuition-free education to international students.

b) Research Scholarships: Explore universities providing scholarships covering tuition expenses.

c) Apply for Tuition-Free Nursing Schools: Numerous institutions worldwide offer tuition-free nursing programs, facilitating your educational journey.

Tuition-Free Nursing Schools Abroad for international students
Exploring 10 Tuition-Free Nursing Schools Abroad.

Exploring 10 Tuition-Free Nursing Schools Abroad:

  1. University of Oslo
    • Location: Oslo, Norway
    • Zero tuition fees with nominal semester charges.
  2. College of the Ozarks
    • Location: Missouri, USA
    • Offers free tuition; students work on campus to offset expenses.
  3. City University of Applied Sciences
    • Location: Bremen, Germany
    • Tuition-free nursing programs available; international students require a German bank account.
  4. Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences – University of Agder
    • Location: Kristiansand, Norway
    • No tuition fees, but semester charges apply.
  5. Berea College
    • Location: Berea, Kentucky, USA
    • Operates under a tuition-free model, supporting students during their tenure.
  6. Department of Health Studies – University of Stavanger
    • Location: Stavanger, Norway
    • Offers tuition-free programs with additional financial support options.
  7. Department of Nursing and Management – Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
    • Location: Hamburg, Germany
    • Tuition-free programs available; nominal semester fees required.
  8. Department of Health and Care Sciences – The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)
    • Location: Tromsø, Norway
    • No tuition fees; students pay semester charges.
  9. City College of San Francisco
    • Location: San Francisco, California, USA
    • Collaboration with the County of San Francisco provides residents with tuition-free education.
  10. Alice Lloyd College
    • Location: Kentucky, USA
    • Offers resident students free tuition for up to 10 semesters.

Undergraduate International Nursing Scholarships:

Explore scholarship opportunities such as the Global Scholarship Alliance, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Scholarships, and the National Black Nurses Association, among others.

Tuition-Free Nursing Schools Abroad for international students
Exploring 10 Tuition-Free Nursing Schools Abroad.

FAQs about Free Nursing Schools Without Tuition:

  • Best Countries for Free Nursing Education: Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Finland top the list.
  • Nursing School in Norway: Public universities offer tuition-free education.
  • Nursing Degree in Canada: Not free, but financial aid options are available.
  • Studying Nursing in Germany: Tuition-free at public universities with minor semester charges.
  • Highest-Paying Nursing Careers: Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist leads the pack.
  • Cheapest Country to Study Nursing: Norway stands out for affordability.
  • Studying Nursing for Free in the US: Yes, select colleges offer tuition-free education.


Money shouldn’t hinder your nursing aspirations abroad. Take advantage of scholarships and financial aid opportunities to pursue your dreams. With resources like the Pay4Me App, managing cross-border payments becomes seamless, enabling you to focus on your education and future career in nursing.

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