Top 10 Benefits of Studying in Canada for International Students

Top 10 Benefits of Studying in Canada for International Students

Thinking of studying Canada, below are the answers to your queries on what makes higher education in Canada so popular. You’ll have learned everything you need to know to make an informed decision by the time you finish reading this guide.

Top 10 Benefits of Studying in Canada for International Students.
Study in Canada

1. The quality of Life- Top 10 Benefits of Studying in Canada for International Students

In Canada, both Canadians and international students have a high level of living. It’s a fantastic place to work and live. In fact, when it comes to quality of life, it is ranked first in the world. Four of the top 100 best student cities in the world, according to QS World University Rankings. That’s something that attracts international students, right there!

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2. Exploration Options

There is a lot of life outside campus, too. Whether you enjoy spending time or being active outdoors or are simply interested in exploring nature, you don’t have to travel far in Canada to find it. From the lush coastline of British Columbia, the majestic Rocky Mountains of Alberta, the big skies of the prairies, the ‘maple sugar country’ in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence, and the rugged hills and attractive coastline of the Atlantic Provinces, there’s usually an eyeful of natural beauty in Canada.

3. Excellent Education System

The great level of education is one of the most important reasons why students choose to study in Canada. A student’s degree from a Canadian university serves as a symbol of trust and excellence. In the QS World University Rankings 2024, 28 of Canada’s universities are ranked, while 27 are ranked in The World University Rankings 2024.

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4. Abundant Research Opportunities

They encourage International students to actively engage in research in medicine, biology, and physiology, according to the National Research Council. International students will have a plethora of opportunities to collaborate with various scientists in their respective fields. One of the most significant advantages of the Canadian educational system is that the industry collaborates with universities to promote greater research and development. This is how international students’ research and development is put to use in real-world situations. When it comes to research infrastructure, some universities, such as the University of Toronto, are regarded as global leaders.

5. Affordable Course Fee and Living Costs in Canada

The benefit of studying in Canada for international students is affordable tuition fees as compared to other countries. It is the main reason to study in Canada because not every student can pay for a high course fee. The cost of living in Canada varies in each province. A student may need to spend around CAD 800 (INR 48,290) to CAD 2000 (INR 120,740) contingent upon charges related to accommodation, leisure, feeding, transportation, etc.

6. Opportunity to Work While Studying in Canada- Top 10 Benefits of Studying in Canada for International Students

One of the prime reasons to study in Canada is that they allow an international student to work 20 hours per week during their semester. Students who are interested in working on campus or as an intern in any company, would not require any extra work permit as a student’s study permit is sufficient to help find a Part-Time Job in Canada for Students.

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7. Co-operative Education in Canada

Cooperative education, often known as co-op education in Canada, is a program that allows you to work in a field connected to your studies. Students who are on a co-op program typically alternate between four months of education and four months working full-time for the organization they are working for. It’s a fantastic way to learn about other professions, obtain useful experience, and earn money while pursuing your bachelor’s degree. Almost all post-secondary universities in Co-op programs in Canada are offered as part of the academic curriculum. In fact, you’ll have a co-op teacher who will help you get into a workplace that most other students don’t have access to.

8. Post Work Permit Opportunity in Canada

The benefit of studying in Canada for international students is getting a post-graduation work permit program. This programT allows students to stay and work in the country. A post-graduation work permit cannot be legal for longer than the student’s study program. This opportunity allows international students graduating from a college/university to gain Canadian work experience.

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If a student is graduating from a certain designated learning institute, they need to apply for PGWP after receiving their last marks. In the long term, Canadian work experience gained through PGWP helps international students succeed in PR in Canada.

9. A Safe and Peaceful Country

Canada is a peaceful nation. The best Universities in Canada have a higher body to safeguard the safety of students, especially those coming from different countries. There are many universities in Canada that have their own set of services. They provide shuttles and security attendants to drop a student at home or station, having mobile apps with a straight line where students can get in touch with security for any queries, etc.

10. Healthcare Services in Canada

All international students studying in Canada should have medical insurance. Basic and preventative medical services, as well as emergency care, are covered by the provincial health-care system in Canada. You should be eligible for a provincial health care card as an international student with a valid study visa in order to use these services.

Conclusion- Top 10 Benefits of Studying in Canada for International Students

Journey through this article and your dream to study in Canada will become a reality.

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