Top 6 Skills for International Students Studying Abroad

Top 6 Skills for International Students Studying Abroad

To succeed as an international student, you need more than academic intelligence. Skills such as language, problem-solving, time management, etc., are key to excelling in universities abroad. They will help you navigate your new environment, build a great student life, and pave the way for enormous opportunities.

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We curated the top six study skills you need to boost your academic performance and help you thrive in foreign colleges or universities as an international student. Read on to learn more!

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Skills for International Students Studying Abroad.
Top 6 Skills for International Students Studying Abroad.

Essential Skills for International Students Studying Abroad

This section will take a holistic look at six essential skills you must have as an international student and how they can help you succeed academically.

1. Language and Communication Skills

According to Catherine Pulsifer, communication is one of the essential skills you require for a successful life. Good communication skills in school can help you speak clearly and, by extension, build great friendships with people, Professors, and classmates. And considering that you’ll need to succeed in your assignments, exams, and lectures — working on your communication skills is imperative.

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On the other hand, Language skill is an important addition to communication skills. This is because communication begins by understanding a person’s language. When you understand and have mastered the language of others, it becomes easier to speak with them.

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As a student in a foreign university, consider learning the language of your study country. If possible, learn the language of the locals, since you’ll be living amongst them throughout your study period. Apps like Duolingo, Mango, and Mandly, are worth downloading to help learn new languages.

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2. Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills are crucial to succeeding academically when studying abroad. Because you’re in a foreign country and are likely to face challenges often, you’ll need to learn how to identify these challenges and provide solutions fast.

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Think of it this way, problem-solving skills build your critical thinking ability so you can proffer creative remedies. You need them both in school and long after school.

To start harnessing this skill, learn to spot and understand problems. When you’ve understood an underlying problem, you can proceed to research and brainstorm solutions. Over time, you’ll begin to manage situations effectively and proffer solutions.

3. Collaborative Skills

Contrary to the popular opinion that you’re in competition with your classmates, studying abroad says otherwise. To succeed in a foreign university, you must understand the place of collaboration over competition. The study abroad environment thrives on collaboration; in most cases, you’ll be assigned to complete academic tasks with others. Therefore, never hesitate to work with others whenever you can. Contribute to group assignments, participate in club activities and ensure to assist people from different cultural backgrounds.

4. Time Management

When studying abroad, you’ll have lectures to attend, assignments to complete, and other extracurriculars to do. In truth, juggling these activities can be overwhelming, especially if you lack time management skills. However, with a firm understanding of time management, you can prioritize activities and increase your productivity accordingly.

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How, you may ask? Delegate tasks according to priority. Create a to-do list to serve as a reminder. Use a study space and set your phone aside. Set a realistic time to complete each task, and start working on your first task. This should help you manage time and become more productive.

5. Budgeting

One excellent skill to help you keep your spending in check when studying abroad is budgeting. With proper budgeting, you’ll be able to cut down on your expenses, find available discounts, and save tons of money. If you’re unsure how to plan an effective budget, use the 50-30-20 budgeting rule.

The 50-30-20 rule is simple and common among students. Here, you are expected to spend 50 percent of your allowance on needs (important necessities), 30 percent on wants, and 20 percent on savings. When done right, you’ll be able to manage your finances efficiently and minimize expenses.

6. Research and Independent Learning Skills

It’s typical for lecturers and university professors to teach only 50 percent of your coursework. The rest of the coursework is your responsibility to cover. However, sound research and independent learning skills can help you win. Learn how to find relevant resources yourself. Plan your study hours and strive to complete your coursework on time. Once you begin to study ahead of your lecturers, you’ll be able to cover your coursework before the due date.

These are the important skills you need to succeed as an international student. To read more content like this, login to and be the first to receive updates when we publish new articles. Using our app, you can also pay tuition, WES, SEVIS, visa, and other travel-related fees to universities and colleges abroad.

Skills for International Students Studying Abroad.
Top 6 Skills for International Students Studying Abroad.

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