First Things to Do as an International Student in Canada

First Things to Do as an International Student in Canada

First Things to Do as an International Student in Canada- Embarking on your academic journey in Canada as an international student is an exciting and transformative experience. As you step into this new chapter of your life, we are delighted to provide you with a comprehensive guide on the essential tasks to undertake to seamlessly integrate into the Canadian education system. This article will delve into eleven crucial steps that will ensure your successful settlement in Canada.

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1. Obtain Your Student Identification Card

A pivotal aspect of your student life in Canada, acquiring a student identification card is imperative. This card opens doors to various benefits, including discounts within the school premises, access to libraries, leisure facilities, and free bus services. Head to your school’s student card office to secure this indispensable form of identification.

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2. Secure Your Provincial Identity Card

Facilitating multiple aspects of your daily life, a provincial identity card is essential for international students. It not only qualifies you to apply for a bank account but also serves as a valid alternative to a driver’s license, a common identification requirement in many Canadian locations. Visit an authorized registry in your province to initiate the process.

3. Obtain Your Study Permit

Upon your arrival in Canada, securing your study permit should be at the top of your priority list. This permit is the official approval needed to study, work, and reside in Canada. Make a prompt visit to the immigration office upon your arrival to ensure the issuance of your official study permit.

4. Sort Your Accommodation

Preparing for your journey well in advance is crucial, especially concerning accommodation. Seek temporary housing options from family and friends or explore services like Airbnb if feasible. On-campus accommodation during your first year is highly recommended for a smoother transition, fostering new friendships and integration into your new environment.

5. Update Your School System with Your Address

Maintaining an accurate address in the school system is vital for receiving essential information and mail from your institution. Ensure you promptly update your student account with your new address upon arriving in Canada.

6. Attend School Orientation Events

Orientation events are not to be missed, as they provide valuable insights into your university, program specifics, and essential tips on studying and living in Canada. Attendees also have the opportunity to meet and connect with fellow students, fostering a sense of community.

7. Enroll for Classes

The heart of your academic journey lies in attending classes, and to do so, timely registration is crucial. Upon arrival in Canada, contact your program coordinator or visit the international student office to initiate the enrollment process, considering the limited spaces available in most classes.

8. Get a Local Phone Number

A local phone number is indispensable for various documentation processes during your education in Canada. Explore prepaid and postpaid phone services designed for students, selecting the one that offers great incentives to help you save on communication costs.

9. Set Up a Bank Account

With your provincial ID card in hand, it’s time to establish a bank account. Opt for a student account, which exempts you from additional charges on transactions. For a better understanding of the banking system, seek guidance from a financial advisor or conduct research online. Additionally, consider creating a second account on the Pay4Me app for efficient cross-border transactions.

10. Obtain a Social Insurance Number

Given that Canada permits international students to work a specified number of hours per week, obtaining a social insurance number is crucial. This confidential number facilitates your ability to receive payments in Canada. Apply for your social insurance number at the designated office, presenting your study permit and international passport.

11. Obtain Health Insurance Card and Coverage

Most foreign universities in Canada provide international students with free healthcare services for an initial period, typically lasting up to 12 months. Alternatively, you can access healthcare services through your province’s healthcare system. Contact your school’s international students office upon arrival to explore the most suitable health insurance options tailored to students.

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